Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hyrul Anuar's first full album launch on the 24th June

Officially opened on the 23rd of June @

The Pop Prince is engaged!

Congratulations Hyrul for producing your first full album. Hardworking, self motivated artist and is very determine in whatever he does.
It was an honor for me to get to perform on Hyrul's first full album launch yesterday. He channelled his faith to me to sing a medley of two of his ballad songs Kesal and Tanda Kasih. It was for the opening act on that evening.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday myself... :)

YeaY! I am Officially 18 years of age!

Posters "An evening with Hydir Idris".. credits to the Editor/Designer Hamyza Halek.

Sweets and chocolates as door gifts.


My 18th birthday celebration with the fans had just gone by and I am now officially 18 years old. Time to take my driving license. Should I? Or Bike license? Or even both? teehee (",) Well, as a man, I will take both:) huhu^.^Insya'allah!
Had a great time at Wana B Cafe on the 18 of June with all the fans. Thank you so much for coming down guys! Appreciate it lots. I enjoyed the evening there, hope you guys had a great time too! Cut the Birthday cake with a picture of ME on it...How sweet of you, I loved it! :)

Had fun, especially the part when I saw my teachers face in one of the frames there. Unexpected, really. So sudden that I saw His face. He was smiling at me when I was playing the guitar to my fans! that was one memorable moment for that day too. :P An Thank you for the birthday gifts! :P

Sorry for the lateness. Next time, I will be punctual, way punctual so you guys got no time. No time? To surprise me!! Instead, I will surprise all of you! Muahahahaha!!!

At the door step of Wana B Cafe I was feeling a lil bit weird because Syafiqah Farid told me that I couldn't come in, and I was like...., " why?" *Blur* I am already late and I couldn't come in? What would the fans say. I felt guilty for the lateness causing you guys to wait for me and now I couldn't come in? I was caught in the traffic around 6.30 which dragged the time to around 7 plus. So many cars on the road causing the traffic jam. Yeah, people were on their way home from work at that point time.
........................................... .................................... ................................ .......................

At the Cafe, I watched 12 minutes video which Kikora edited for me. In the video, was my journey before, during and after Anugerah 2009. I was touched deep down inside as if someone has been really close to me till they he or she managed to feel me deep down inside about my journey full of obstacles. In the video itself too I can see how much I've grown and developed. I myself couldn't see that actually. Sometimes we need people to show us how much we have grown or developed you see.
Letting out some tears could make me realise something sometimes that we have to appreciate ourselves and the people aorund us. We couldn't have possibly achieve such without hardwork by ourselves, and the support from others :) We could only depend on ourselves with the help of the people aorund us with the support they are willing to give us.
I am wishing myself a Happy 18th birthday now, may a decide whats best for me. 18 comes only once in our lifetime so make the right choices and do something PRODUCTIVEwhich will benefit ourselves for our future while we still have the strength to do so.

Sang a few songs at Wanna B. Last song was my single. Feedback was great. Just dont forget to request on Radio Ria 89.7FM once it is released yeah fans, friends and family.
Official Fanblog:
Facebook: please go to my fanpage)
Thank you,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Its a new drama series in Suria and its my first time acting;) It is a great experience for me where I got to learn how to control my nerves in front of the camera! A totally different experience acting and singing because singing requires you to perform infront of the audiences. Theres no room for mistakes in your performance and you have to do it once and do it right with your vocals. But in acting you need to remember the script, and how you are going to deliver the message to the people at home.

In performing arts, it is good if you learn more and not just only by sticking to one,singing. It will be a plus point for you if you widen your knowledge. With a little guidance from some of the casts, I managed to have the confidence in acting. But singing is my main stream though.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family especially my mother for giving me the support til I am today and Insya'allah in the future too with all your support, Cik Kamalia Salleh, Kak Anne, the producers, executive producers, directors Abg Remy, Abg Aktar Abg Khai and the crews of 3GKarma for the sukses of this drama. Not to forget, penonton-penonton di Suria juga!

On the music side, I just don't want to be remembered as 'Budak Anugerah' or ' Hydir Anugerah'. I am now focusing on my music projects with Aqmal N, Yazri(Merah Band) and also Imran Ajmain. Insya'allah, will be releasing my first single soon, for you guys who had supported and who has been supporting me throughout Anugerah 2009.

Hydir berharap ini adalah suatu peninggalan ataupun buah tangan untuk anda semua sebelum hydir lanjutkan sekolah yang akan berlangsung pada bulan Ogos ini. Sekali lagi, ribuan terima kasih, I love you guys a lot. Thanks.

Hydir idris..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

GLAMOR 2010!!!

It was a really exhausting day having to wait for our turn to perform on that day. Get to meet the local talent and some Malaysian and Indonesian singers like Natasha and IntanNuraini:) Other than that, I got to share the stage with my so called brade, Azhar Raz, one of the Anugerah 2009 contestants, sure you guys still remember him:) and also not to forget Indra Hamzah himself is the first ever Anugerah Winner and also Rudy Djoharnaen, the Anugerah-dua belas champion!
The MAA artistes were lining to put on their best performance so as to make their first MAA impresssion to the community. We know we had to perform well. We did it.
I sang the song Izinku Pergi by Kaer Azami, a Malaysian singer. Brought my style and held my nerves as per normal;D
Sadly, some of our artistes didnt get to perform due to time constraint. All in all it was a great exposure for all of us and hope to get to see each other again, performing and support each other!! Local Talents, GO!! :D
LOVE, Hydir Idris..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Voices of Angels" will be held on 28th February 2010, Sunday from 6pm to 10pm. It's a charity concert involving Singapore artistes from different backgrounds to showcase their talents for a good cause. It is organized by 3 companies that involves with the entertainment and media market in Singapore. The beneficiary to forward proceed to Haiti Earthquake Victim is World Vision Singapore. This event will be recorded and published digitally on social networking platform worldwide on the internet. This event showcases Singapore's effort in contributing to Haiti Earthquake Victims.

Note that artistes can mingle around with their fans too, so, fans, what are you guys waiting for?? Here's you chance to get up close and personal!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do not miss the chance!

Host: D'Herlino's.. D' Singapore Fan Club of Dude Herlino
Date:Saturday, March 27, 2010
Time:7:45pm - 10:45pm
Location: The Republic Cultural Club, Republic Polytechnic


Want to meet Dude Herlino? Here Your chance.. Tickets worth $35 & $60 will starts selling On 1st Feb 2010.. $60 will get a chance for Autograph Session @ the end of the event... Join us for a night full of fun hosted by Dalina Jaapar, with Dude Herlino, Eka Mairina, Hydir Idris, Didi Cazli & introducing Gisel, Indonesia Idol 2008. So why wait? Call Halyfah @83172522 or Azizah @ 97335006...So book now to get a better seat...

Aqmal N
Music/Arts - Concert
Saturday, February 27, 2010
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Canning Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Ballroom


GET YOUR GLAMOR 2010 TIX AT Muzika NOW!! Ogy Ahmad Daud, Iesya, Intan Nuraini, Salma, Hafizah Naser, Nina Halim, Eddy Ali, Hady Mirza, Black Dog Bone, Faizal Isa, Sleeq, Revalina, Eka Mairina, J A Halim, Khalid Baboo, Keatar HM, Zaibaktian, Aqmal N, Hydir Idris, X-Clusive, Azhar Raz dan ramai lagi ..27th February 2010, the date to be remembered. 2nd year anniversary Selebriti, launch of Malay Artiste Association and... a secret celebration is on the way too! look out for updatesss ~~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Performance of 2010..


Nice Photo aye? Backstage at EXPO Hall 4. Credits to Fyqah! =D

My first performance of 2010.. Was feeling quite down but luckily i managed to get over the feeling, unneccessary, really. Sitting on the stage steps, well, at least I managed to give a smile to the camera! :D

Focusing backstage, they thought i was nervous,yes i am of course, can't deny that :P

Sang "Dulu dan sekarang" originally by Black Dog Bone(BDB). Its an honour to get to bring the song on their album launching event that night though my throat was kinda feeling unwell. Great Vocals he really has up till today Abg Jatt Ali. For those who came down that night, do continue supporting local talents! :)Love,..Hydir Idris..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Performance! At Expo Hall 4 on the 16th January... Request for songs from fans???

In my living room watching Singapore taking on Iran. I'm not sure whether Singapore will win this game tonight..haha... See the way they play.. Nothing close to the English!!

31 december 2009(last year/New Years Eve)....hmmmm....... Went to east coast to catch the fireworks during New Years Eve but missed it for some reason^^~went to McDonalds at 12am......... celebrated my friend's birthday.. one,his birthday is on tt day itself while another 2,Raha and Atikah.....celebrated in advance.. :D Had a great time with them,hope it will be a memorable one for us yeah guys :)

Welcoming 2010, we had fun yeah guys! :) Thatss the birthday boy ryt there in white:D i can see that he was really enjoying himself :)) i know his touched inside...hee^^ Go Nabeel!! Da 17 seyyyyy dierrr ;D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heyya!! My first time blogging :D

Will be right back and gonna think of what im gonna write!

Meanwhile, for updates on my upcoming performances or to watch my past performances, you can go to youtube and search 'hydir idris' channel or log on to my fansite at Don't for get to register yeah :)

Also, do add me in my newly created Facebook account! .. The first one is already full,hee ;D

"The boy with the big voice"

Singing is already his passion. Looking out for networking with the people around him. He is interested and very passionate in the music scene. Recently participated in a televised competition known as ANUGERAH2009, where he has build up a huge fanbase with the people around him.

Singapore idol was his first choice in 2009 though he do not know many english songs, he told himself that he should challenge himself. He was worried that the schedule during S.I might clash with his major examintaions, GCE O'levels.
Thankfully, Anugerah came first and he took part. As he has quite a number of songs in his library, it is an advantage for him.

He sang 'Nyala' on 16/6/2009. Coincidentally it was his birthday.
That night after his performance, in the studio, everyone there sang him a birthday song which ended up in him being so touch,lettin out some tears.
Sadly but greatfully, he was eliminated in the semis when he sang 'KepadaNya', a song by originally by Taufik Batisah, the first singapore idol, which Hydir idolises and wish that he could somehow meet him someday.

"I can if I believe in myself"
It's just the beginning of the end..