Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Performance of 2010..


Nice Photo aye? Backstage at EXPO Hall 4. Credits to Fyqah! =D

My first performance of 2010.. Was feeling quite down but luckily i managed to get over the feeling, unneccessary, really. Sitting on the stage steps, well, at least I managed to give a smile to the camera! :D

Focusing backstage, they thought i was nervous,yes i am of course, can't deny that :P

Sang "Dulu dan sekarang" originally by Black Dog Bone(BDB). Its an honour to get to bring the song on their album launching event that night though my throat was kinda feeling unwell. Great Vocals he really has up till today Abg Jatt Ali. For those who came down that night, do continue supporting local talents! :)Love,..Hydir Idris..

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