Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Performance! At Expo Hall 4 on the 16th January... Request for songs from fans???

In my living room watching Singapore taking on Iran. I'm not sure whether Singapore will win this game tonight..haha... See the way they play.. Nothing close to the English!!

31 december 2009(last year/New Years Eve)....hmmmm....... Went to east coast to catch the fireworks during New Years Eve but missed it for some reason^^~went to McDonalds at 12am......... celebrated my friend's birthday.. one,his birthday is on tt day itself while another 2,Raha and Atikah.....celebrated in advance.. :D Had a great time with them,hope it will be a memorable one for us yeah guys :)

Welcoming 2010, we had fun yeah guys! :) Thatss the birthday boy ryt there in white:D i can see that he was really enjoying himself :)) i know his touched inside...hee^^ Go Nabeel!! Da 17 seyyyyy dierrr ;D

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