Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heyya!! My first time blogging :D

Will be right back and gonna think of what im gonna write!

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"The boy with the big voice"

Singing is already his passion. Looking out for networking with the people around him. He is interested and very passionate in the music scene. Recently participated in a televised competition known as ANUGERAH2009, where he has build up a huge fanbase with the people around him.

Singapore idol was his first choice in 2009 though he do not know many english songs, he told himself that he should challenge himself. He was worried that the schedule during S.I might clash with his major examintaions, GCE O'levels.
Thankfully, Anugerah came first and he took part. As he has quite a number of songs in his library, it is an advantage for him.

He sang 'Nyala' on 16/6/2009. Coincidentally it was his birthday.
That night after his performance, in the studio, everyone there sang him a birthday song which ended up in him being so touch,lettin out some tears.
Sadly but greatfully, he was eliminated in the semis when he sang 'KepadaNya', a song by originally by Taufik Batisah, the first singapore idol, which Hydir idolises and wish that he could somehow meet him someday.

"I can if I believe in myself"
It's just the beginning of the end..


  1. Hey , siti here . Just dropping by . Btw , u have a nice blog but try to put some more post :DDDD I will be looking 4ward for ya new post ! :D

  2. Yup,thanks for telling and pointing out. I am new so yeah,will post more soon:D

  3. Hey Hydir.Its nice to hear that u have a blog :)

  4. Hey ! Was passing by. If there is any upcoming event or performance, can you post about it ? Great blog (:

  5. new blog huh? niceeeee(: . new post is a must! smile always(:

  6. HEy,.hahah!!!! lol,. i dnoe what to post about!! someone help me pls! haha,..sorry tawww korg:D soon okaysss,.. nwae thank you:)) sure thing i will!