Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Its a new drama series in Suria and its my first time acting;) It is a great experience for me where I got to learn how to control my nerves in front of the camera! A totally different experience acting and singing because singing requires you to perform infront of the audiences. Theres no room for mistakes in your performance and you have to do it once and do it right with your vocals. But in acting you need to remember the script, and how you are going to deliver the message to the people at home.

In performing arts, it is good if you learn more and not just only by sticking to one,singing. It will be a plus point for you if you widen your knowledge. With a little guidance from some of the casts, I managed to have the confidence in acting. But singing is my main stream though.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family especially my mother for giving me the support til I am today and Insya'allah in the future too with all your support, Cik Kamalia Salleh, Kak Anne, the producers, executive producers, directors Abg Remy, Abg Aktar Abg Khai and the crews of 3GKarma for the sukses of this drama. Not to forget, penonton-penonton di Suria juga!

On the music side, I just don't want to be remembered as 'Budak Anugerah' or ' Hydir Anugerah'. I am now focusing on my music projects with Aqmal N, Yazri(Merah Band) and also Imran Ajmain. Insya'allah, will be releasing my first single soon, for you guys who had supported and who has been supporting me throughout Anugerah 2009.

Hydir berharap ini adalah suatu peninggalan ataupun buah tangan untuk anda semua sebelum hydir lanjutkan sekolah yang akan berlangsung pada bulan Ogos ini. Sekali lagi, ribuan terima kasih, I love you guys a lot. Thanks.

Hydir idris..

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  1. ur welcum
    congrats in everythin..have e nice life ahead=)